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Teacher Preparation Program

  1. Application for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program may be made at the end of the student's first field experience but must be made no later than the end of the sophomore year. Exceptions will be made for transfer students.
  2. Requirements for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program shall include:
    • cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better (at least a C in all education courses), calculated on courses taken at MacMurray College;
    • passing all parts of the Illinois Basic Skills Test;
    • B or better in your field experience;
    • three recommendations from Professors at MacMurray College.
  3. Screening checkpoints occur:
    • at the end of the freshman year;
    • at the time of application to the Teacher Preparation Program;
    • at the end of the junior year;
    • before student teaching;
    • at the completion of student teaching (portfolio);
    • at the time of application for certification.
  4. The screening process will be completed by the Screening Committee composed of all members of the Education Department and the Associate Dean of the College. The Director of Secondary Education will consult with faculty from the student's major area before recommending candidates from the subject area.
  5. Any appeal for review of contested decisions of the Screening Committee will be made to the Chair of the Education Department, who will appoint an ad hoc committee to hear the appeal. In the case of the student seeking secondary education, the ad hoc committee will include one member from the student's major area.
  6. As a student at MacMurray College, in addition to all other requirements and regulations governing your participation in the Teacher Preparation Program, you are also subject to the various rules of The Maggie (student handbook) and in particular the discipline procedures described therein.

If you choose to be represented by an attorney in these disciplinary proceedings, you must notify MacMurray College at least seven days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing; failure to do so may result in a continuance of the said disciplinary hearing, to afford MacMurray College sufficient time to retain counsel to review the matter and represent MacMurray College at the disciplinary proceedings. Should you elect to retain any legal representation, you will be responsible for any fees charged by an attorney; MacMurray College will not provide you with an attorney.