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Transfer Credit

As part of the admissions process, students transferring to MacMurray must provide an official transcript of credit from each college previously attended, to be sent directly to the Admissions Office. The Registrar evaluates the transcripts and sends the applicant a report of credits accepted.

Most courses successfully taken with grades of C– or better at regionally accredited colleges are accepted, except for certain vocational, remedial, and activity classes.

Grades at other colleges are not counted in calculating the grade point average at MacMurray, except in the case of college honors at graduation.

Two-Year College Transfer Credits

MacMurray participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). Therefore, students who have completed the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum at a two-year college will be considered to have satisfied all MacMurray General Education course requirements, except for the upper-division Issues of Community and Conflict courses.

In addition, students who earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from an Illinois two-year college will be granted 60 transfer credits (junior standing) at MacMurray.

A maximum of 60 hours from two-year colleges will be accepted toward the bachelor's degree.

Transfer Credits After Entering

After entering MacMurray, students are expected to take the rest of their courses at the college. In cases of academic or personal necessity, or for enrichment purposes, exceptions may be made by the Registrar. (See "Off-Campus Study" in the Academic Opportunities section.) Current MacMurray students who wish to earn transfer credit at other institutions must fill out in advance a "Request for Permission to Enroll in Off-Campus Course," available at the Registrar's Office.

After a student attains junior standing (60 hours) at MacMurray, further courses at two-year colleges will not earn credit hours towards MacMurray graduation but may continue to satisfy specific course requirements.

The last 30 hours of credit to qualify for a MacMurray degree must be earned at MacMurray.