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General Education Breadth Requirement

Breadth requirements are courses outside the major that students must take to complete the general education curriculum at MacMurray. Students take a variety of courses in the liberal arts and sciences to be exposed to the many ways in which a discipline approaches its study of material.

MacMurray requires one approved course in each of four areas. In the published course schedule, the “Comments” column at the right indicates courses that meet breadth requirements.

Courses in the student's major do not satisfy the requirement. For example, an English major will not be able to satisfy the Humanities breadth requirement with an English course. If a student has two majors, either major may be chosen as the basis for the breadth requirement.

Designations of breadth components for courses are made by the faculty's Curriculum Committee.

(P) indicates a course with a prerequisite.

Natural Sciences (NS) (must be a laboratory course)

Social Sciences (SS)

Humanities (HU)

Fine Arts (FA)