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How to...

Change a MacMurray Network Password

MacMurray network accounts are used for accessing network resources. For staff and faculty, this would be your account. For students, this would be the account you use to access a network share as part of a class.

If you have forgotten your MacMurray network password, you must contact the IT department to have it manually reset.

  1. Log on to any computer connected to the campus network.
  2. Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete to be taken to a screen with the following options:
    • Lock this computer;
    • Switch User;
    • Log off;
    • Change a password...;
    • Start Task Manager.
    Select "Change a password..."
  3. The next screen will have the following fields:
    • Domain\username;
    • Old password;
    • New password;
    • Confirm password.
    Make sure the Domain is MAC and the username is the account whose password you wish to change. Then simply enter your old password along with your new password twice to confirm.
  4. Click "OK" and your password will be changed if it meets the security requirements.

Security requirements for network passwords are as follows.

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