The Razing of Blackstock House

Opening in the fall of 1957, Blackstock House was the first dorm on campus to house men. For more than four decades, students called this three-story structure home. Closed in 2003, the building is in the process of being torn down and turned into a beautiful park for MacMurray College's students and neighbors.

The demolition of Blackstock House had, until now, concentrated on removing the interior parts of the building, but in recent weeks, the demolition crew has moved to the exterior. The space that was once the dorm's lounge has been torn down, and much of the building's brick exterior has been chipped away. The entire building is expected to be down later this spring, with a greenspace in its place begun during the spring.

Feel free to click through the photo albums as the work progresses as well as video of the demolition process. For any questions concerning Blackstock, feel free to contact MacMurray College's Director of Alumni Services.